Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards and emails! I can't believe I'm so old, 22! I feel like such a grandma! Mamma mia!

This past week has been crazy stressful but the best ever also. We had tons of appointments last week. We have so many promising contacts it's really just incredible how much potential there is here. We taught a Romanian family a first lesson and they seem so interested. They are going to be gone to Romania for the next couple weeks so that's really unfortunate! But maybe just a sign that they are ready to hear this message and someone's trying to take them away! We also met with this Antonella lady who is incredible. She just got back from her camping trip so we are hoping that this week we will finally be able to watch the restoration video with her!

The HIGHLIGHT of the week was the baptism of one of the coolest ladies I've met on my mission... Jantina Nachbar! I was pretty stressed trying to get everything all ready for the baptism, making millions of phone calls etc. But it took place last night and it was INCREDIBLE! It ended up not happening in the sea because we all just decided it would be better and more conducive to the spirit in the church. The meeting was beautiful and the spirit was thick the whole night. I feel incredibly blessed to have seen her baptism because there have been sister missionaries working with her for the past 3...that's 3, years!!! I've been able to see her receive permission to be baptized from her husband and actually go through with the baptism! My comps and I counted up how many sisters had taught her and it was something like, 26 sister missionaries! CRAZY! She was so happy afterword and the branch members were all so happy. It was probably one of the most happiest moments of my mission, just knowing the things she had dealt with in her life and finally getting the green light! This is such a miracle, a true example of how faith brings about miracles!

I love this work and have a testimony of it. I'm so blessed to share it everyday!

Thanks for everything!

Love ya, sorella b.

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