Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23 May 2007

Things are still kickin in P-town, Prato. It has been a pretty busy week which is the way I like it! Yesterday we didn't have time to go home for our normal hour break for lunch and hour break for language studies so it made it extra long... but hey if we've got the appointments... it's worth it just to stick a few saltine crackers in my bag and be on the go.

Last weekend was so great. We spent Friday afternoon in Firenze helping the sisters cover their many appointments. We spent the night with them and then Saturday morning we went our seperate ways... Sorella Roper and I headed off to Siena and my comp stayed with the other two sisters in Florence. Oh man, it was so fun to be back with my trainer! We got to sunny Siena and grabbed some lunch and then had appointments the rest of the day. We visited with a couple single in-active women and with a member also. It makes me so sad to visit with these inactives because they have such strong testimonies but just can't make the effort to get to church. Hopefully we can help in some way by making these visits.

Monday we had Zone Conference in Firenze. It was the last one with President and Sorella Rhien! : ( Molto triste!!! They have been amazing. They both gave amazing trainings. Oh I'm going to miss them so much! But I know also that the new mission president will be great and has been called the lead this mission. President Rhien talked a lot about finding the "elect." I think he's been a little worried about us as missionaries meeting with eternal investigators who really aren't making progress. In D&C we are commanded to gather the elect. He encouraged us to sincerely pray that we can find and teach these people who are ready for the gospel. I know it's possible because I feel like Rossella and Salvatore are part of this elect group of people who are ready, whether they realize it or not, to accept the gospel and become a more powerful source of good and bring so much to the church here in Italy. We had our usual tuesday night lesson with them. We brought Sorella Bonti with us again. She's amazing and always is a great contribution to the lesson. We taught them the second half of the second lesson and just summarized the plan of salvation. The spirit is always strong and I think I could be a little better at pointing that out to them because that's how they'll be converted in the end... by what they've felt.

They had a rough week and seemed a little more down than usual. Rossella found out that her sister has a tumor. They don't know a lot about it yet. Man, these trials people go through. If they only knew how much the gospel could help them!!! That's our job though. There will be a baptism in Firenze this saturday so we invited them to come to that. It'd be awesome if they come but they sounded like they wouln't be able to make it. I love this family and want so much for them to enjoy the blessings of the gospel. With prayer and faith I know miracles can happen and will with them!

We also finally met with Petra yesterday. It was great also because her member father was there. We were able to talk about baptism and invite them to talk together and pray about a date when she wants to be baptized. She's ready and has been ever since I got here. It's just they're so busy! I'm sure it will happen within the next couple months though!

Today is more of a relaxed p-day. We'll just do the shopping and then I've got tons of letters to write! I love hearing from everyone and sounds like things are going well for everyone at home. Especially with the good old MAUD squad! Jack, don't worry I've heard from about everyone but you that you are going to tie the knot!!! Yeah, my bestest bud Jackie Proctor is going to get married sometime this fall right? You better write me girl and tell me all the details! And Jen, I've heard your biz so I just better get a letter soon. Aub and Jess you win the prizes because I got your letters and they were the absolute funniest and best. I can't believe Bets in going on a mission! That's the coolest ever, she'll be so great! And camie where are you! Oh man how I miss you and love you all so much!

I've been thinking a lot lately about this great plan of happiness that Heavenly Father has provided for us. It's perfect. Included is His perfect Son, Jesus Christ, and also a perfect book, the Book of Mormon. Sorella Rhien gave her training on how the Book of Mormon is the perfect book and how it leads us to conversion. I know it's through this plan, through our Savior, and through pressing forward day after day and doing the little things, like praying and reading the scriptures, that we can once again live with Father and receive a joy that we can't really imagine.

Love ya,

Sorella Boynton

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