Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006


I hope everyone is doing well and getting excited for the Christmas holidays! I can’t believe Christmas is already here, but I’m so glad it is because that means I’m one week closer to leaving the MTC and going to Rome! We actually should be getting our flight plans tomorrow or Friday and that will probably be the best Christmas present this year! Yea!

Okay, what happened this week? Last P-day was the best because we went and ate in the temple cafeteria; best food by far that we’d all eaten in the past 7 weeks! Then me and my comps did initiatories and our last session for a year and a half. It was great. Last Wednesday we also got 7 new Italian elders and 2 new sisters. They all seem great. It’s fun to have more people added to our branch!

The rest of the week we learned and practiced the 3rd lesson in Italian in order to teach on Monday as usual. Class is sort of starting to drag. We try our best and always make it a district goal to stay positive but it’s hard for us with our teacher, Sorella Knott. Instead of complimenting us on things we do well, she really likes to direct her spiritual thoughts toward our weak spots, which we already know are weak and which we’re trying hard to work on. Anyways, I could go off about her but it’s probably not good to do and a waste of time, so… on the other hand… Our other teacher Fratello Warren Rocks. He’s so intelligent and we all learn so much from him. He’s very complimentary and always makes us feel good about out teaching. We really focused as a companionship this week on making the 3rd lesson the best on we’ve taught. We wanted to make it personal, ask good questions and use the scriptures. We taught Dale again so you’ll have to ask him how we did!

Sunday was great; Lots of good talks. The highlight of the day was the Sunday night fireside. The BYU Men’s Chorus came and performed. They sang lots of great songs. Mom, I thought of you a lot, cause we all know how much you love the Men’s Chorus! It was a good change from the regular talks. Usually we watch a movie after the firesides on Sunday, but since we’ve been here for a while now we’ve seen them all so we decided to go back to our room. I’ve started reading Jesus the Christ this past week; I can’t remember if I mentioned that last letter. But WOW, what a book. I’m about 200 pages into it and my mind is sufficiently boggled! But it all makes so much sense. I don’t see how anyone could read it and not have a testimony or at least know that Jesus was the Christ. I know He is central to this plan. Without Him, we wouldn’t be able to overcome spiritual and physical death. I’m so grateful for this time of year to focus on Christ and his literally AWESOME life. I can’t wait to read more. I recommend reading it if you haven’t, it’s a great read! Yeah, Harry Potter’s good too but the best part about Jesus the Christ is that it’s true, all of it!

We are supposed to teach the 1st again in Italian but the TRC will be closed on Monday, I guess we’ll just teach our teachers so that takes a little pressure off. Yesterday’s devotional was awesome. Elder Merrill J. Bateman came and spoke about courage, effort, dedication, and humility. I think every speaker we’ve ever had has mentioned what an inspired program Preach My Gospel is. I believe it. The 1st Pres. and the 12 Apostles, along with many others put it together. I highly recommend reading it. It is truly inspired! I love teaching and especially learning from it! Read it!

Sounds like you’re all doing good. I wish I could buy you all Christmas presents but there’s not much here to buy unless you want a Russian Book of Mormon or some weird thing from the Bookstore. I haven’t heard what Christmas is going to be like for us yet so I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

Only 2 more weeks! Crazy. We are all so excited to get out of here. It’s been great for me (I don’t know about the rest of my districts!) and I’ve learned so much. I’ve never really said much about the group of Elders that I’ve come in with. They are all great and I’ve loved getting to know them, but I know there’s been lots of problems. I don’t know exactly the extent but that’s just a little warning for you mom and dad. I’m interested to know what you think after you meet them! Andy, I’ve talked to some of the Anziani about you! They’re excited to meet you so hopefully you’ll be at the Dinner when they come. Anziano Gibson is from Wales, he’s only 18 but the funniest kid you’ll ever meet. Talk to him! You can talk to Anziano Jensen about snowboarding too! He loves it! Anziano Gustafson has the funniest laugh ever and he makes fun of my laugh! I hope you get to meet them! They’re pretty much like brothers to me by now! And Dad, don’t be surprised if Anziano Horst or Gibson trick you about marrying me! GAG! They might say it in their interview just to see what reaction they get from you. Crazy boys. Don’t worry; I’d NEVER marry either of them! Yuck!

Well, Merry Christmas, Buon Natale!!
I wish I could have sent everyone those greeting cards but maybe Ell can post hers up so you can see it.

Miss and love you all!

Sorella Boynton

(Note from Jourdan: Ell gave me the letter to post while she is in Tuscon for Christmas, hence the christmas note from Carrie.)

P.S. Thanks to all who sent letter this week I’ll get a letter to you as soon as I have a minute! Loved Steve and Shirley’s cute Christmas picture.

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