Thursday, September 21, 2006

For the Love

bow wow ruff woof Carrie (no dogs allowed near Carrie)

Sorry future kids, I discovered something monumental today. The plain truth is that I don't like dogs; never have and probably never will, so don't ask for one (unless you're blind). They may be cute when they are puppies, but for me, that doesn't cut it. I've just never had a reason to like them. Why? Glad you asked...

I don't know about you, but I never liked having a dog leave a poop on the lawn. Mowing the lawn was never one of my favorite things to do and having to clean up after a dog that I didn't own only made it worse.

Maybe I was just a weird kid, but I didn't like having to watch where I was running in my friends backyard to make sure I didn't step in poo, and even though I would try my best, it happened many times. Who likes scraping that mess off the bottom of a shoe? NOT me.

The only thing I hate about running is the dogs I encounter on the way! Mom, Dad, and Andy (and maybe others) know about those killer Italian dogs that hide in the fences, waiting for you to walk by just so they can bark and scare the bejeepers (sp?) out of you. While running in Hawaii, gaurd dogs came out from under the fence and chased us down the highway. Today, while I was running, a big, mean looking dog came and chased me up the hill. Running up-hill is hard enough WITHOUT a dog chasing you!

They don't smell very good and don't make houses smell very good either.

They bite people.

They pee and poo all over the sidwalks in London and Italy.

They bark during the night and keep me awake. (especially in Hawaii!)

They take up money that could be used more wisely.

Trick-or-Treating was never the same after I came home one Halloween to find poop on my shoe. Let's just say the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, my favorite Halloween treat when I was a kid, didn't seem so appatizing that night.

The list goes on and on. But one last thing that I can't understand is why people can't leave home without their dogs. Just ask my friend Cam, I've been venting to her about this a lot lately, only because I've seen A LOT of dogs in cars lately. They take their dogs on trips, they take their dogs to the store, they take their dogs on the highways. Here a dog, there a dog, everywhere a dog dog. Maybe I should give everyone the benefit of the doubt and just say that they've got an appointment with the vet. No, I don't think so. Not this time. As my friend John Stossel from 20/20 sometimes says...GIVE ME A BREAK!!


Ellen said...

I feel the same way Carrie! (and so does Paul). The line: (unless you're blind) made me laugh so hard I got tears in my eyes!

Mom, Dad, and Andy said...

That's funny. Dad would agree wholeheartedly with you. Me? I like golden retrievers, but not the ones barking at you through the fence. I guess you'll have to continue to put up with them, at least during your mission. As you know, in Italy, they're not only in the car, but in the store, post office, dr's office and bike baskets. Forza, Carrie!

Jourdan JBB said...

Rod feels the same way!! That's because you kids never had a pet in your life!!

well, ok. We'll probably never get a dog either unless we move to WA on big piece of property. (Then, you never find where they poo)

Marg said...

We DID have real pets growing up! one was a killer Angle fish that would bite the other fish and then he went blind-(we should have gotten him a dog) and who could forget HARRY_ The ferocious beast! May he rest in the peace that we never had as we walked barefooted in the house!

Shirley & Steve said...

Steve is just as 'damaged' from not having had any pets as a kid, but I couldn't help but think that whole article sounds a lot like having kids to me. Beware of motherhood my dear! :)

Shirley & Steve said...
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Shirley & Steve said...

somehow I always post mine twice, weird.