Monday, August 07, 2006

I Want a Porsche-a

"I want a porsche-a!" This phrase should sound familiar to my sisters Ell and Marg; they're the ones who coined it. Supposedly when I was a kid they complained to my parents about how I was given everything I asked for. "If she asked for a Porsche, she'd get one," they said. For years I denied that claim, as anyone who is accused of such selfishness would do. However, as my life continues, I'm starting to believe that that accusation is not too far off. Especially with recent events such as my mission call. I've told some that I was hoping to go to Italy on my mission. Wish granted. I figured I'd be doing a whole lot of nothing until I leave in November so I might as well start a blog to record some of my thoughts and selfish pursuits. Hukilau beach is calling. Later.

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