Monday, August 28, 2006

Aloha Oe....Until We Meet Again

I've been back from my Hawaiian summer for several days now. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about things like getting pounded by the waves at the beach, long rides on the bus, or funny things that happened at work. I experienced the same feelings when my study abroad in London ended and when I came back from being in Italy all winter and spring. Things that I was so used to doing everyday could and can no longer be done. I can't hop on the tube and 15 mintutes later be walking through Covent Garden. I can't catch the 222 into centro to get a panzerotti at the drop of a hat. I can't walk 100ft in my swimsuit and be at Hukilau beach. Pretty soon I'll be trying to survive the MTC saying, "I can't have 2 seconds alone" or "I wish I could be having Thanksgiving dinner with everyone." But that's how life goes. You don't realize how much you loved something until you're away from whatever it is, be it people or places. Here's some pictures of my favorite memories and things that I miss everyday.

Walking past the temple.

Bonfires on the beach.

Hiking in the jungles.

Eating watermelon on Sunset Beach at sunset.

Working at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Snorkeling and jumping of the rock at Waimea Bay.

Eating the most divine shaved ice at Matsumoto's, the place that invented sno-cones.

Falling at 120mph through the air.

Body surfing at Hukilau and then getting pounded into the sand once the wave brakes. Probably our #1 favorite pastime.


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Marg said...

Geez carrie! You made me miss the beaches of Hawaii and I've never even been there!