Friday, August 08, 2008


Live in SLC!
Sooo fun!

Nada Surf has been one of my favorite bands for a while now. My favorite part of the night was when the lead singer explained the inspiration behind the song See These Bones (cool acoustic version! The last couple minutes of the song are amazing!). It was inspired after they had toured Rome and came across a church full of bones of ancient monks and priests! While in Rome, I visited this church a couple times on p-day so when he was explaining this church filled with old bones, some forming chandeliers and other crazy stuff, I was so excited to not only know what he was talking about, but also to have walked in that dark church among those very bones! In the church, one of the plaques says, "What you are now, we once were. What we are now, you will be." which Nada Surf then used as lyrics in the song (changed slightly).

Great show!!! and thanks Ell!


Katy Kathryn said...

Dang I missed it! I wish I could have been there, you'll have to tell me all about it!

Jenn said...

That looked funnnn! Super bummed i had to miss it. who'd ya go with? You going tonight?? Clap your hands- should be sweet.

Ellen said...

Oh! I'm soooo glad you went and that it was great! Wish I could've been there!

Ellen said...

And how funny that I posted the link to the song... at the exact same time that you were in the very city it was written about!