Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Year everyone!

It's 2008! Exactly one year ago today, the 2nd of January, I arrived as a new little missionary in Italy! I can't believe how fast time is flying!

Since I last wrote we have had 2 lessons with Maiken. On Saturday we taught her a 3rd lesson and invited her to be baptized. She looked a little scared and in fact she told us that she was a little scared. We told her that there is no rush and that we could set a date and work towards that date. She agreed to that and so we are still waiting for her to pick a specific date. She told us that she feels good in this church but that she just wants to continue to learn more about what becoming a member of the church entails. She wants to be baptized before either Sister Harvey or I leave (which could be possible, or we both might stay another transfer) which would be within the next couple weeks. We met with her again on New Years Eve and taught her about two commandments that she already knew and follows... the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. She's awesome and just understand everything so well. She came to church on Sunday again....4th time in a row! Incredible!

Also on Sunday there were two visitors in church... always a pleasure! It was a young married couple from the states who are currently living in Norway for a year while he goes to school. They decided to come to the island just to visit for a week and happened to be in Oristano for sunday so they came to church. We translated for them and they were amazed at how small the branch is. They invited us to come and eat with them after church so we did and had a fun time talking. Oh yeah, there was also this creepy guy that came to church on sunday. We had been out doing house earlier in the week and he stopped us from his car and said that he knew the mormons. He said "you are sent from heaven, especially you (pointing to me.)" and then told us he was going to come to church Sunday. Yikes. We found his scheda in the area book and he was a past investigator of the elders. So he showed up at sacrament meeting and I tried to stay as far away from him as I could. Yikes, scary Italian men... hope we don't see him again!

Monday we were in Cagliari like usual for our district meeting... that means an hour or more on the train down and the same for the ride back. We had to be in our houses by 6pm. Sorella Harvey and I made a nacho dip that was really good and invited in the new year that way! haha. years day we had to stay in all day and deep clean our whole apartment, the mission calls it "festa di lavoro." We can't proselyte on this holiday so we started in the morning and finished by 3 or 4 cleaning from ceiling to floor in our apartment. Now it is spick and span.

And that brings me to today...p-day...we'll just do our regular shopping and letter writing.

Have a great week!


Sorella Boynton

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