Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's get this show on the roll! - Milo

And what a show it was! After driving through rain and dodging the occasional lightning bolt, we joined Rod, Jo, Milo, and Elliot at Bear Lake. We arrived just in time for a delicious dutch oven dinner.

Elliot looking especially cute with Taylor's bow in his hair.

Digging in to the delicious dutch oven dinner.
(that caption's for you, Rod. haha)

And as we stood on the lakefront, we heard a cry from the brush!

Milo had bushwhacked his way over and before we knew it...

...was stuck between the lake and the bog.

Tom brought a HUGE plant press and collected some of the local flora.

The sunset was amazing!
We decided this photo would be great for an issue of Sunset Magazine, maybe we'll submit it.

The camera actually did a pretty good job of capturing its magnificence.

Later that night, we sat around the campfire, roasted s'mores, and LAUGHED uncontrollably as Jourdan and Rod entertained us with stories of shoes being melted and 12" poop being filtered.

Saturday morning I got up and went running while the others ate breakfast. We then headed down to the beach where the beautiful, blue water awaited us. It was freezing but we managed to stay in for a few minutes. Although we did put sunscreen on, there were parts we missed and now we're paying royally. Nothing better than the first burn of the summer, right?

Tom, Casey, Me, and Milo went for a canoe ride.

The beautiful blue water!

The Bear Lake area is famous for its raspberries and raspberry shakes. We drove to the other side of the lake and enjoyed eating them. My friends, Camie and Nick, were in the area so we sat and enjoyed our shakes with them. They had spent the day on the river, hence, the awesome swim trunks (looking fabulous Nick, in those Nike shorts.)

The Saturday night sunset was different but just as amazing as Friday's. After the sun went down, we had another fire, roasted more marshmallows, and had interesting discussion on guns, evolution, knowledge and truth.
Not to be missed were the stars. I was reminded of the times Mom whipped out her star charts in Yosemite and pointed out constellation after constellation. Tom and I pointed out as many as we could and were pleasantly surprised to see a couple shooting stars as well.

It was great to be camping and I can't wait for the adventures of next weekends Idaho trip!


Jacquelyn said...

sounds like so much fun Care. Any campfire with you around it is always fun/funny. :) And Nick's swim trunks are awesome!

Aub said...

you are making me cry!!! I love Bear Lake and probably miss that the most of anything! and the sunsets are always amazing and I love that cold bright blue water! and to hang out with family & friends around the fire! I am so jealous i could burst!