Monday, July 07, 2008

From the Mountains, To the Valleys

4th of July 2008

This year I celebrated the fourth of July with some of my favorite people in the great outdoors!

Payson lakes has always been a favorite, close, camping spot for our family and that's where we headed. We escaped the heat of the valley and enjoyed 3 days of fun in the beautiful mountain air!

Mom and Dad headed up Thursday morning. The rest of us trickled up and by dark everyone was set up and settled around the fire!

We roasted marshmallows,

and after two attempts.....

Steve finally got the perfect s'more made!

And what's a family gathering without Grammy offering chocolate and other goodies?
We talked and sang songs around the fire until a fellow camper reminded us that it was after 10:00, quiet hour. After a few snide remarks from our party ( I won't mention any names!), he threatened to get the camp ranger to come calm us down! This gave us a good laugh.
I can only imagine what that man did when, during the middle of the night, some druggies had a full out, R rated, screaming fight that lasted a couple hours!

The next day was spent at the Lake!

The boys headed out on the canoe...

While the girls sun-bathed.

Mom couldn't resist the water or Jade's float toys...

She tried out the dolphin followed by the water dragon.

Jourdan, Shirley, and I headed out in the canoe determined to catch a fish. While we were out we were told by a kayaker that fishing wasn't allowed! Before we could get too angry, the kayaker revealed herself as Marg's best friend Char! So we sat in the middle of the lake and had a good chat with Char!

A few of us forgot to put sunblock on and got scorched by the sun. I had to sleep with a cold water bottle between my legs because they got so burnt while I was fishing in the canoe!

We were concerned that rain would ruin our dinner as dark clouds set in. After a short sprinkling, it stopped and we enjoyed dutch oven sloppy joes, corn, fruit, and a delicious dutch oven peach cobler.
We went to bed tired and woke up for another day of swimming!

I got to spend Saturday night with some of my other favorite people! After a quick scrub in the shower, Jack and Kyle picked me up to go to the Salt Lake Bee's baseball game. I invited my good friend Dave to come and we met up with Jenn and Eric at the field (thanks for the tickets guys and the pic Jack!). There was a firework show after the game which we all loved! Especially when Neil Diamond's "We're coming to America!" came on!

A little camping, a little baseball, fire, and fireworks. It doesn't get more American than that!


Jourdan said...

uh...good friend Dave?

He's cute! woot woot

And, I'm not sure I could love your mom any more. She is 100% awesome.

Aub said...

Care! I love your blog! and I love your pictures! thanks for finally inviting me!

Ellen said...

i keep forgetting to check your blog care! since it's password protected i can't monitor it through bloglines!

great photos though!

our mom is crazy! crazy funny!

Jenn said...

And how was the SLCC game? I'm sorry i never made it... it was further than i thought. You're off to Yosemite soon huh?

jackproc said...

dude, We totally heard the screaming that night in the campground. Talk about violation of park rules! Good grief! We need to plan another fun outing...
Hope your having fun in Cali.
p.s. it didn't work last time. invite me again at
thanks buddy