Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Prato, Week 2

Hi all,

Thanks for the emails marg, mom, and dad.

And Ell yours made me so mad because you cant just tell me there's "big news" and make me wait another week to find out what it is! Oh well, it'll give me something to look forward to at next weeks email session.

Thanks mom and dad for telling me about where the anziani and sorelle are. I bet sorella winslow is sooo happy because I think that's where she wanted to go!

Last Thursday we had Zone Conference in Florence. It was amazing. President and Sister Rhien are awesome. They gave amazing talks and trainings. I learned a lot. It's so wierd to think that Mom and Dad are just a couple cities up doing the same thing! I'm sure your conferences are just as amazing.

We met with our investigator Sabrina again and taught her about faith, repentance, baptism etc. She read some scriptures and we asked her what she thought they meant and she said that they meant she needs to follow Christ and be baptized. So we asked her what she thought about being baptized and she said she felt like she isn't ready. We're pretty sure she knows its true. She said she needs to stop going to her other church first. Today we have a lesson with her and also our relief society pres. will be there, so we'll see how it goes and hopefully she'll make it to church on sunday too.

The language is coming slowly but surely. I've made a goal to practice teaching this week so we prepare for our lessons and then practice them. I think it will help a lot.

Yesterday was sort of a crazy day. We had all these appointments lined up and house after house nobody was home. After lunch we went back out and still no one. So we knew we had a set appointment at 7. We still had some time so we started doing house. We went into a palazzo and started up at the 5th or whatever floor it was. About the 4th floor we rang and this lady answered the door. I introduced us and expected her to say the usual "non mi interessa" and shut the door but she listened and then invited us in. We were so happy and surprised because it's rare that this happens. So anyways, Sorella Roper pretty much taught a whole 1st to her about the restoration. This lady was catholic and said she would never change. But she accepted a book of mormon and really seemed interested. So that was the miracle of the day. I had the chance to bear my testimony in my broken italian but she understood and it was great. The spirit was definitely there. We spent so long there that we were late to our 7 o clock appointment. We ran (our morning runs pay off!) over to our next appointment and it was great. So after having a difficult morning and afternoon, the miracles came that night! The Lord's hand is so apparent in this work. I've heard missionary after missionary say that but now I can say it and know that it's true!

I can't think of anything else to write.

The works going good, hard, but I love it.

My address here in Prato is: Via Erbosa 114
59100 Prato Italy

Sorry forgot to include it last time.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.



Tom- I'm waiting to hear about your christmas in Italy, you came to Prato? Cool. I want to hear about it.

Andy-I want to hear from you too! my long lost brother...

MAUD SQUAD- what's even going on?


kite_feifei said...
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Jourdan Johanna said...

alright, that's an annoying comment- especially on a MISSIONARY page... oh well.

but Ell, what's the "big news"? Now she's made me curious!

Ellen said...

The big news was just about us buying a house... which, for the rest of you... you can read about on my blog...

jo said...

oh yes! THat is BIG! I had forgotten already.