Saturday, November 04, 2006

November 1st, 2006

Wow, what a place the MTC is and it's only the first day!

After saying goodbye to the fam I followed the line of new missionaries and we turned in our medical forms and there I saw Sister Forsyth. It was fun to see her and talk for a bit.

They asked if I wanted a flu shot and I thought that'd be a good thing to do since I'll be around a lot of people in tight quarters for the next 9 weeks in the MTC. So I got the shot (Mom will be glad to hear this I'm sure!) and then went and got all my Italian books and then went to my room. I was the 1st one there so I got to choose my bed, bottom bunk!

Anyway, I have 2 companions. Sorella Sorsozo from Denver, Colorado and Sorella Winslow from Ogden. They are both going to the Milano mission! They seem to be great people and I think we'll all get along well.

We've had lots of meetings today. They've all been very spiritual and it's neat to be here with all these missionaries. We met our branch president tonight, President Marcov. He and his wife are very kind and have lots of good advice. It's so funny because they call us Sorelle, "Sorelli"! Like because plural for Fratello is Fratelli, plural for Sorella must be Sorelli! Ha ha. I get a kick out of it!

We met with our district tonight and all introduced ourselves and told where we are going. I'm the only sister in my district going to Rome along with 2 Elders. All the others, my comps and about 4 or 5 Elders, are coming to you Mom and Dad! Give me a couple weeks and I'll let you know whether to be worried or excited! Just kidding, they all seem like hard working missionaries. The Sorelle and Fratelli that leave in about 3 weeks are a good group so you can look forward to them. I told them they can ask me any questions about you they want!

Looks like I'll be super busy for my stay here. It's a bit overwhelming right now trying to figure out schedules and where everything is, but I'm sure that comes with time.

I'm so happy to finally be on my mission. There's a great spirit here and I'm looking forward to giving it my all in order to be ready to teach the best I can. I know, and something they've stressed a lot today, is that with faith and through obedience anything can happen. I can't wait to learn more here and then be able to go and teach in Italy.

I love you all! Thanks again for all your love and support.


Sorella Boynton
MTC Mailbox #178
ITA-ROM 0102
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

(A note from Ell: Carrie does not have access to this blog, I'm just typing her letters in. So if you want to "comment" or write to her, use the above address! You're more than welcome to comment, just know that she won't see it!)

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